Last Saturday, one of my clients on the Glamorgan Coast workshop asked me the question (or, more accurately made the […]
This is more a cautionary tale than a photo tip/hint as such. But one that has hit me hard on […]
For a while now an interesting and thought provoking debate has been aired as to whether a photograph (or an […]
Polarizing filters are possibly THE most useful for outdoor photography. In my opinion they have three key functions: 1. they […]
this can add another interesting dimension to your outdoor photography. Not only does the viewer get to see the subject […]
I have just come back from a fantastic week, photographing around South Iceland with my good chum Leigh Woolford. We […]
    How many of us see a great scene and just have to grab it – NOW!! We as […]
One piece of advice I always dispense at the end of one of my workshops is NOT to either delete […]
So many photographers talk about light; shoot into the light, Light & Land, Chasing the Light, Luminous Landscape…so here is […]
This post centres around possibly one of the most poignant moments of my life. It is about my and a […]