RAW file, untouched and as came out of camera

Post processed to bring out an image closer to what I saw when taking the shot

A while back (too far back!) I posted on here about the inclusion of reflections in photographs. My main point was that they add to the ‘value’ of a photograph.

Well, this last week gone, I had two opportunities to revisit this theme – in spades. My first foray was into the forest of Llanwonno, about 20 minutes from where I live and I had never visited it! (another blog on that one soon). My second was to Cardiff Bay, an area I have photographed quite a bit before.

  1. Llanwonno – this was to search out the reservoir, known as Clydach Reservoir. After a bit of ‘walking around’ I found it. Quite remote and absolutely people free, this jewel was my playground for some time. The day had started cold and there was mist rising, but by the time I had arrived at the reservoir the sun broke through – onto an absolute mirror. Setting the camera up on the trusty old Benro tripod, I selected the 24-70mm lens and used the polariser – NOT to diminish the reflection but to enrich the colours. I opted for quite a few differing compositions, but my undoubted favourite is below.
  2. By contrast, later in the week I popped down to Cardiff Bay. Again, a sunny and bright day but the difference in the environment could not have been more marked. This time I ventured into the ‘city’ and this time I had clear reflections of buildings in the waters of what was once one of the busiest docks in the world. Again, I used the 24-70mm lens and again I ‘tripodded’ the shot. No polariser this time as I wanted to keep the shots brighter and not so saturated. Not as sharp, perhaps, as the reservoir image as the water was rippling under a light breeze, but still very worthwhile, and there were some lovely, and slightly surreal, ripple effects too.

So, what is it about reflections that so captivates me? Well, daft as it may sound, I have this idea that two of something doubles its value. Also, there is just something so special about reflections that I simply feel compelled to include them in my photographic portfolio.  Where I can, I frame or crop the shot to show as much symmetry as I can – remember, I am making not taking an image. This isn’t always possible, but where I can I do.

Remember, too, that puddles and pools give lovely reflections – so if you want to grab and hold the viewers’ attention consider shooting them.

Below are the two ‘best’ images from both expeditions. They are completely different, due entirely to their surroundings. Hope you enjoy them.

As ever, comments and questions warmly welcomed.


Clydach Reservoir in the LLanwonno Forest

Clydach Reservoir in the LLanwonno Forest


Reflections at Cardiff Bay

Reflections at Cardiff Bay


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