One piece of advice I always dispense at the end of one of my workshops is NOT to either delete a shot off the back of the camera (unless it has gone very seriously wonky) or to open up the shots back home and delete out of disappointment.

Whilst both are important to consider the second to me is the weightier. I tend to find that when I am running a workshop we are all beavering away in a great mood of photographic sharing and bonhommie (french) and all is good with the world. Great surroundings, like minded people, happy happy days.

We then rush home to check out our latest bumper crop, only to be disappointed with the harvest. Why? I reckon we are still at the altitude we levelled out at when the workshop was in full flow yet when we come home, still excited, we may fail to realise that and judge our work too harshly.

My advice here is to leave any decisions for around a week and then, and only then, will we be more objective. This way, we are looking at our work in a more sanguine and settled fashion, and not making ourselves react in a knee jerk fashion.

This really works – trust me!



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