Photography is what I do. More specifically landscape photography is what folk know me for, and yes, it is my […]
I have seen a lot of bluebell shots over the last week or so and, to be fair, they have […]
Here is a tip I learned whilst working with Charlie Waite (I know it’s name droppy but I really did) […]
Sunsets – now, the sun generally sets at far more sociable hours and that is why, I have little doubt, there are […]
I am sure that there was a song named Sunrise Sunset? Who sang it I have no idea! Answers please, […]
I have today returned from running a Freeespirit Images workshop in the depths of Mid Wales, timed to catch the […]
Landscape format
During my workshops/1:1’s etc I habitually remind clients not to forget trying an upright or portrait version of what they […]
All right minded photographers I know just CANNOT wait to set the alarm for ridiculous (or as a good friend […]
Just not long back from leading a one:one photo workshop with a great client and friend in that beautiful part […]
but it is not that far away. I often struggle for inspiration through Spring which may seem a bit odd. […]