How many of us see a great scene and just have to grab it – NOW!! We as a society seem to have started to shift into a “must have it now” society, rather than wait. (see old bull/young bull story).

Just before Christmas I popped over to Caerphilly Castle, a fantastic and dramatic edifice just 8 miles from home. The weather was blustery; clouds and rain one minute, lovely low winter sunshine the next. I set up the tripod/camera combo, surrounded by muddy grass and green goose turds, (those of you familiar with Caerphilly Castle will know just what I mean), and fired off some shots. After a very long spell I was starting to despair of the weather and started to pack up. WRONG!!

Just then, the clouds scudded off, revealing a patch of blue sky and a path of light right on to the castle towers.  I took several shots before the clouds came over, this time rain bearing.

Moral? One word. Patience. When you are out shooting landscapes or any static object outdoors just be patient. Wait, watch the sky and keep waiting. It really does pay off. All the iPad shooters go home with dullness abounding and you, well, you waited and secured a much better prize.


Light? What light?


Oh!! THAT light – so glad I waited…


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