I am indebted to the companies below who have helped me enormously in the development of my photography and have no hesitation in recommending their products, all of which I use regularly.


Any decent landscape photographer will tell you that a solid, sturdy tripod is an essential element of the equipment needed to secure a sharp. well composed photograph at any time of the night or day.

Benro tripods are made with the photographer very much in mind and offer a wide range and variety of kit to suit most, if not all, circumstances. Well made (in carbon fibre or aluminium) and accompanied by a very useful kit bag, Benro tripods are highly recommended

Read my Review of the Benro Ranger 500N camera bag / rucksack


DeluxGear is an American company who retails in the UK through I have used DeluxGear LensGuards for several months and on more than one occasion the Lens Guard has saved my lens from being smashed. Check out their new PinPoint focus aid too; very helpful in low light and similar conditions where autofocus may hunt or it is just to dark to focus manually.


Lee filters are, in my view, simply the best quality filters you can buy. I use Neutral Density Graduated Filters (available as hard or soft graduated) in various strengths as well as a two stop and 81B warm up combined filter. I also use the 10 stop Neutral Density filter, or ‘Big Stopper’ as it has become known; great for slowing down flowing water and catching cloud movement as it crosses the sky.


Those of you who have joined me on any of my outdoor photography workshops, either in the UK or abroad, will have noticed that I always wear a Paramo jacket or gilet (if weather demands it). There are many makes of good outdoor clothing available, for sure, but for me Paramo works best. Why? Well, the garments are very weatherproof (and believe me, they need to be!) and very comfortable. In addition the generous supply of sensibly sized pockets are extremely useful for holding lenses, filter cases and lots of other paraphernalia that “us lot” carry around with us. Having worn Paramo clothing for several years I see every reason to continue to do so and can absolutely recommend them for outdoor photography (or walking, hiking, exploring…)