Tip 6: Where’s the point? One thing I am very aware of when composing a shot is the risk of any of the main features leading the eye right through and out of the frame.
For example, a pier pointing out of the shot to one of the edges, or a tree trunk on the edge of a lake perhaps. Ideally, try to avoid framing where the eye picks up on the theme, and then is drawn right out of the picture. The idea of the image should be to grab and hold the viewer’s interest, rather than have them follow a line out of the shot when all interest is then lost.

Here I have photographed the kayak just as it is about to leave the shot and the action – your eye is taken right out of the frame to the right – attention and interest over. Rather, this should have been to the left, drawing you into the rest of the shot, and hinting at what was to come.

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