Tip 5: Keep it simple. Sometimes it is very easy to be overawed by the scene in front of us, to the point where we simply raise the camera to our eye and shoot away. This will faithfully record the scene, sure, but will it make a photo that will hold our, and others’ interest? I am not a huge fan of ‘Americanisms’ but the one that springs to mind is KISS – ‘Keep it simple, stupid’ (why stupid I don’t know!). This makes us look at what is REALLY important in the scene and emphasise that to the viewer. It means cutting back (or out) all the elements that add little or no real value to the shot (but only serve to muddle it) and concentrating on that gnarled tree, that fossilised rock, that shaped cloud… NOW we are making a picture, not simply taking a picture. It’s an extension of less is more, maybe?

I have isolated this leaf as it was this leaf I really wanted you to see, as the sun backlit it on a bright autumn day in a local wood.

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