I know this is in part repeating my previous blog but…
On a very recent holiday to the Isles of Scilly I spotted a photo that really appealed to me but the ratio was all wrong. I took the shot anyway and, on returning home, set about presenting the image that I saw when I was there. That is to say, what my eye/brain saw and not what the camera would produce.
There was a reasoned but vigorous debate on Facebook recently about cropping – with some folk offering a view that to crop a photo was almost morally wrong and that the skill of a ‘great capture’ lay with the photographer and camera at the point of taking the shot. A bit simplistic to me and, besides, I don’t own a panoramic camera nor, indeed, a camera that can offer an on-site crop. Anyway, if it were to offer such a facility it may not be what I wanted. (Nick please get to the point!!).
The point? Simply this. I am much happier with the cropped version of this shot than I am with the ‘native image’ taken by the camera. And so, it seems, are others.
Cropping can aid creativity – but when used judiciously, and not as an axe in the hands of a raging warrior.

uncropped version

cropped version

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