Fairly recently there seems to have been a significant swapping of meaty DSLR (or indeed film) cameras for smaller, more compact, lighter and also mirrorless cameras. The comments read on Facebook and camera reviews all seem to contain the same theme. This generally hints at:
“oh, my back”, or “can’t be doing lugging all this around”
Friends and photo colleagues of mine have recently made the change, opting for Fuji, Olympus and others, just to get that weight down.

Now – this might be because some of us are getting older and/or it might be because put simply, technology is able to give the same or even better quality photography from smaller technology.

I don’t really know what to do. I lug around two fairly heavy cameras; the Nikon D300 plus battery pack and the Nikon D800. To me they are part of my ‘photography uniform’ and where I go they go. I just feel photo naked without them! This doesn’t even consider the lenses!!!

But….not long ago I left the big boys at home and just took a Samsung Galaxy5 mobile with me. And, dammit, the camera/phone produced very good photos at around 4 to 5Mb with enough quality to merit being published. True, the Nikon D800 is a 36Mp camera and produces whopping files so for me, as someone who strives to make an income, this is good, but I do wonder if maybe it is time to consider downsizing? Maybe have both big and smaller?

What do you you think? Have you downsized? Would love to hear your views on the subject!

The photo here, of Cartmel Priory in Cumbria, was shot on the mobile and is a 300dpi 4.5 Mb photo. No Nikons were used in the taking of this photograph.

Cartmel Priory 20150214_150108_lo res Richtone(HDR)


Nick Jenkins/Freespirit Images

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