All right minded photographers I know just CANNOT wait to set the alarm for ridiculous (or as a good friend of mine would say, ludicrous) o’clock, leap purposefully out of bed, stub their toe, and race to their chosen spot in pursuit of a sunrise photo.

More often than not the sun will be lurking behind clouds, laughing its head off but sometime it does play ball and we return home happy chappies/chappesses.

I was, for a long time, guilty of shooting a lovely sea with the sun rising out of it  – hey presto. But…..recently, on my latest Scillies workshop, I tried something a bit different. I went in on my 70-200 lens, as close as I dare, to the Pulpit Rock, an excellent foreground and, therefore hopefully, a different take.

I suppose this boils down to one of my workshop mantras – always use the whole lens range you have a available to you, rather than just stick at, say, 50mm or whatever. Sure you can crop in when back home, BUT why hack your photo down to a smaller file size when, with a good zoom and a pair of half decent legs, you don’t need to?

This is what I came away with, amongst other shots, and I have to say, when we got back to base we were all so smug to those who preferred the duvet, and breakfast?…………………damn, it never tasted so good 🙂

Sunrise at Peninnis Headland lo res_DSC0371

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