The number of times I have heard this, or similar, and the number of people who have said it!!!

“That’s a great shot! What camera have you got?” Or,

“Wow. Wish I had a camera like that!”

A camera is a camera is a camera. Nikon/Pentax/Canon/Samsung/Panasonic/Sony/Olympus (waits for email as he has forgotten one that YOU own) ……………………………even General Electric now………………………..are all capably manufactured pieces of technology. In general terms they deliver what they were specified and manufactured to deliver and no less. Sure there are variations and finessing, according to price but, by and large, they are all capable of good delivery. It is YOU (yes, you, over there) who actually frames up the shot and thinks about what is best left in or taken out of the composition not the camera (at least, not yet anyway).

My opinion? Folk see a photo they like, want to comment but honestly do not know what to say so trot out the old line. It’s a conversation starter. But then so is:

“That was a great meal. What cooker did you use?”


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