Just a day or so ago, there appeared on my Facebook Newsfeed comments about judging in photo competitions. The comments were positive and quite humorous (for a change!) but it did get me thinking – again!

Thinking about what? Well, thinking about whether we photograph for our own pleasure, to please ourselves and/or those around us or to please competition judges.

My sixpenn’orth is that I ALWAYS photograph to please myself. Fantastic if it does please others too, but whilst positive comments (or negative, if constructive) will always be a part of our moving forward, the picture I take must make ME happy.

Judges? Well, they get both ends of the sh**ty stick very often. They are paid little, offer their advice freely and then get all sorts of flack.  This post isn’t so much about judges, however, but more about do we shoot to please them, or us?

In my opinion it HAS to be us, but that should never be to the exclusion of helpful comments, suggestions and ideas. We are all learning and anyone who claims otherwise is just a bit of a fibber!


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