Some little while ago I posted on the theme of Carpe Diem – Sieze the Day! Well, yesterday was seized and it paid off.

I am NOT (honestly) a huge fan of steam engines but cannot pretend I don’t get just a tingle of excitement when the chance to photograph them comes along! So it was that, not just once but twice I had the chance to shoot them – on the Paignton to Dartmouth line and over the Cynghordy Viaduct near Llandovery. The latter was on a drizzle ridden, windy grey day but funnily enough that wasn’t a major player in the final outcome. I think that the weather was significant in helping produce and blow all that steam around?

Combing the net now, looking for MORE opportunities. Not a huge fan of steam engines? Really??


Paignton Dartmouth Steam Railway

Steam Train Cynghordy

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