I have today returned from running a Freeespirit Images workshop in the depths of Mid Wales, timed to catch the autumn tints at their best.
It would be true to say that the weather wasn’t blue sky or sunshine. In fact it was overcast for most of the time, but the group were very happy and we all got stuck in, with me showing them how best to capture the essence of autumn.
This then got me wondering. Do we REALLY need sunny blue sky days to capture autumn at its best or can we make a decent fist of it by utilising the light we are given?
The three main tree stars in Mid Wales are the silver birch, the beech and the larch. These, to us, all had plenty of saturated tints to loudly and proudly state AUTUMN IS HERE! So, maybe, we shouldn’t be put off by the weather? Rather, make the very best use of what weather we have and don’t sacrifice the opportunity just to secure a blue sky? After all, most of the group’s shots had no sky anyway!
What do you all think?

Autumn in the Upper Tywi Valley
Autumn Upper Tywi Valley Carmarthenshire


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