Well, no, not just, but it came home to me the other day when I was out photographing little wee birdies, or LBJ’s as some folk know them.

I was armed with my trusy old  Nikon D300 and the 70-200 stabiliser lens at Cosmeston Lake near home and was aiming at robins, great tits, long tailed tits etc etc but up in the branches and NOT on the plethora of feeding posts around the area. It is so easy to fire away, carried off with great enthusiasm but what was I photographing? A forest of Spring twigginess or a beautiful bird?

The answer was the first option initially til it dawned on me. Twigs are important as natural scene setters but not so many that the bird almost disappears into them. So I took much more care to isolate the bird from the mess and try and shoot in such a way as to isolate it, yet still show its surroundings. Have I succeeded? Over to you!

Robin, singing its little heart out.

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