Tip 11: Shadows – these can really add depth and a three dimensional quality to a photograph. Try looking for long shadows from a tree, for example, by photographing the tree into the sun. The tree will block the direct sunlight so flare should be controlled and the shadows will head straight for the camera for a dramatic effect.
Look, too, for side shadows, with the sun to your left or right. The sun over your shoulder will throw long shadows too. Maybe try shooting the shadow of an object and either leave the object out, or just include a part of it?
This time of year there should be dramatic shadows all around when the sun is low in the sky – so go out and make the shadow a key feature of your shot! Mind you, the opportunities exist throughout the year – it just means, during the summer, getting up early or staying out late!

Penarth Pier, south Wales. Here I have used the shadow patterns of the side of the pier to be the main reason for the shot. Everything else just supports this and gives a sense of location but it was the shadows that really caught my eye! Note that this was taken on 3rd December at 11.45am with a low winter sun.

Penarth Pier Shadows


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